Grammar & style

Writing is a process consisting of three parts:
  • pre-writing: information gathering, notemaking, mindmapping, brainstorming
  • writing: organising and expanding the products of the pre-writing process into an essay structure
  • rewriting: editing drafts from the writing process
Grammar and style become important in the third phase of the writing process-rewriting.

You will improve your grades if you follow these guidelines when rewriting.
1. Prefer the active to the passive voice
2. Prefer verbs rather than nouns where possible
3. Move from ideas that are short, simple and familiar to ideas that are new, long and complex
4. Place the idea you want to emphasise most at or near the end of a sentence or paragraph
5. Avoid sentences beginning with an ‘empty subject’
6. Be sensitive to language use    
7. Ensure that you eliminate performance errors