Section summary

You have completed the Gather information section of the module. You have tested your knowledge of different types of information, and learned about the following reading techniques:
  • Survey to get a general idea of the material available
  • Skim for a general overview of content and decide whether it is worthwhile reading deeply
  • Deep read with full attention to understand and analyse
  • Scan to quickly find specific information e.g. Treaty 
You have also learned how to select and record information using one or more of the following techniques:
  • Highlight - identifying important words and phrases using a coloured pen
  • Annotate - making notes on photocopies of the information
  • Make notes - recording information about what you have read
  • Quote - using the exact words of the author to support your argument
  • Summarise - a brief summing up of key ideas
  • Paraphrase - extracting key ideas and putting them in your own words