Development team

These modules have been produced collaboratively by staff from:

University of Otago
Russell Butson
Michael Chen
Tiffany Cone
Michael Crawford
Tim Elder
Gillian Elliot
Gabrielle Grigg
Chris Heath
Jenny McDonald
Tony Pleace
Sarah Stein
Kerry Shephard
Richard Wartho
Richard Zeng

University of Otago College of Education
Dawn Coburn
Vicki Darling
David Keen
Margot Koele
Darrell Latham
Wendy Ritson-Jones (Bill Roberston Library)
Philip van Zijl (Bill Roberston Library)

Otago Polytechnic
Marc Doesburg
Bronwyn Hegarty
Leigh Blackall
Sandra Elias

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions and support of the University of Otago Library, the Bill Robertson Library and the University of Otago Student Learning Centre.

Many thanks also for the contributions of Gillian MacFarlane from the Dunedin College of Education Social Studies department, Emily Keddell from the University of Otago Department of Social Work and Community Development, Nicola Cummins from the University of Otago English Department, Imogen Coxhead from the Otago Polytechnic, Virginia Phillips from the University of Otago School of Business, Rob Wass, Stephen Scott and Kalinka Rexer-Huber from the University of Otago Zoology Department.

Special thanks to the many students from Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin College of Education and the University of Otago who helped us to evaluate or contributed their stories to the Online Information Literacy modules.