The Modules

You can look at any of the modules online by following the links below. The first 5 modules have been designed with authentic tasks or activities in mind. Modules 6-12 are skills-based. In all of the modules, there are numerous interactive sections designed to provide students with the opportunity for practice, reflection and feedback. At the end of each module, the ANZIIL Information Literacy standards that are relevant to that module are identified for the user and his or her tutor.

Available modules:

Module 1: Essay writing with readings
  • Using a case from the Social Work and Community Development department at the University of Otago
Module 2: Annotated Bibliography
  • Using a case from the Social Studies department at the Dunedin College of Education
Module 3: Business Report
  • Using a case from the Otago Polytechnic Business School
Module 4: Scientific Report
  • Using a case from the Department of Zoology at the University of Otago
  • Developed using a series of scenarios created by staff from each of the collaborating institutions.
Module 5: New Zealand information sources

Module 6: Searching for information

Module 7: Evaluating Information sources

Module 8: Ethical use of information

Module 9: Digital Information Literacy

Module 10: Pacific Information Sources

Module 11: Māori Information Sources

Module 12: Springboard module (FOR TEACHERS)