Online editor and Repository

One of the goals of the project is to design, implement and evaluate an online demonstrator system for selecting existing modules, as well as editing and publishing new modules. The online editor has now been set up and is currently undergoing evaluation with staff members from the three tertiary institutions and abroad, who are testing it out in creating real-use tasks.

The idea behind the editor is that, using Magnolia, users can make a copy of existing modules into their own editing space. They then have the freedom to edit the module so it suits their particular purpose. They can then save the module in HTML for viewing offline, or as a SCORM package for re-importing into their SCORM compliant LMS system. A help file that outlines the key features of the online editor is available below in both PDF and word format.
  • If you are interested in using the online editor to customise, you will need to be issued with a username and password. For more information about this, contact Swee Kin Loke or Jenny McDonald.
  • For more information about the Open Source Software used in this project, go here. On this page you will find the source code for implementing your own copy of Magnolia.

Demonstrator Repository

We have setup an online demonstrator system that allows teachers to share their customised modules by uploading them to a collaborative community online space. It also allows teachers to download other people's modules, import them into Magnolia and then edit them as they wish.

We have created some narrated screencasts which demonstrate this process. Go here to view.