Essay structure

You have been guided towards an essay structure through the planning examples provided. Here you can see how to assemble the information you have gathered into a logical essay structure.

We cannot provide an example essay for your topic, but have a look at the example essay below about the National Parks of Otago and Southland. It was written for The Cyclopaedia of Otago and Southland (Dunedin City Council, 1999) and was one of the thirteen essays that dealt with Recreation and the Environment. It is reproduced here with kind permission from the Dunedin City Council and Neville Peat.
Essays have a recognisable structure:
  • introduction
  • body text
  • conclusion
The diagram below shows how this structure organises the National Parks essay.

Both parks are introduced Introduction: The parks are named, located and their international status is given.

Paragraph Two: The extent of Fiordland National Park (FNP) is given and access is described.

Paragraph Three: The relationship between landscape

Paragraph Four: Biological features of FNP are discussed.

Paragraph Five: Mention is made of FNP’s walking tracks.

Paragraph Six: The extent of Mount Aspiring National Park (MtANP) and its diversity is described.

Paragraph Seven: Landscape features of MtANP are discussed along with historical references.

Paragraph Eight: Access and biological features of MtANP are described.
Management of both parks is summarised. Conclusion: Management of both parks is outlined

Download the full Neville Peat essay as a PDF – 68.3 KB