Now you have done some initial brainstorming,  it is time to make a plan. There are many techniques you can use to develop a plan. The technique you choose will depend on your particular learning style.

What are learning styles?

Learning styles are different ways that a person can learn. It's commonly believed that most people favour some particular method of interacting with, taking in, and processing stimuli or information.
  • Some people learn by seeing (visual)
  • Others learn by hearing (aural)
  • others by processing text (reading/writing), and
  • others learn by doing (kinesthetic)

How do you think you learn?

Here are three techniques you could use to make your plan. Remember, the one you prefer will probably reflect your learning style. Have a look at all three approaches, then choose one. The plan you develop here can guide your essay structure and form the basis of your paragraphs.
  • Question Approach
  • Using Tables
  • Mind Mapping