Boolean operators

Boolean operators are words such as "or", "and", and "not" used to connect search terms to expand or narrow a search to locate relevant information.

Did you know that the English mathematician, George Boole, invented boolean logic in 1854, long before the invention of the computer?

The use of Boolean operators is automated in many instances e.g.
  • Advanced Google
  • Guided Search in the Bill Robertson Library catalogue (joint library of Dunedin College of Education and Otago Polytechnic)
  • Index New Zealand Advanced Search
It's easy! Look closely at the next page to see how Boolean operators work. Accept the help available, or do it for yourself using the guidelines provided.

Did you know that using advanced or guided search options is actually easier than using the basic search options?  This is because the the advanced and guided search options automatically give you Boolean operators to choose from.  The basic search option doesn't.