Collaborate using a wiki

There are a number of ways you can collaborate on your research on the web. Below is a list of possibilities. This module will be focusing on wikis. For information about the other options, click below.


Watch Tiff as she sets up her own wiki to help her collaborate with others interested in the same field on the web.

Have a go!

  1. If you need to know more, take yourself through the Wikieducator Tutorials. The time required for each tutorial is estimated at 15 to 20 minutes
  2. Create an account with Wikispaces and create a page as your CV
  3. Watch the video "add and edit pages with Media Wiki"
  4. Research the differences between Wikispaces and MediaWiki. Log your research to your blog and try find at least 3 expert opinions that compare the two.
Suggested topics:

1. Wikipedia's deletion policy
2. Wiki copyright - who owns wiki what not?